Monday, July 16, 2012


My friends and I went to this korean bakery far from campus. The food was slightly pricey, but a fun experience. The bottom one is a croquette bread. I love fried things, though the filling was kinda meh. On the right was something soft and cheese flavored. I've forgotten how the other two taste. I'll have to make another trip there to jog my memory.


Although I constantly gripe about how expensive Wash U's food is, I rarely hesitate to buy their desserts. This torte thingy was all crunchy dark chocolate and rich cake and SO GOOD.


St. Louis Galleria has one of the better mall versions of chicken teriyaki with rice. But that's not why I posted this. Doesn't that piece kinda of look like Japan?

Unfortunately, my next meal wasn't nearly as tasty. I had bought this huge package of pickled radish to make sushi with, only to realize after several days that I didn't like pickled radish anymore. So what should I do? Make a salad! But I don't like salad. It's ok, this one doesn't have any lettuce in it!

So I present carrot and pickled radish salad with rice vinegar and sesame seeds. And yes, the carrots come in both rectangles and circles. Nowadays, I like the idea of thin carrot rounds. But that day, I was probably too busy watching the food channel while shoveling this stuff down my mouth, trying to pretend it didn't taste as...exotic as it did.


I read this article about making casseroles, and the message I got was: you can add anything you want in a casserole and it'll taste good. Well, here's the result:

 Bratwurst and pasta shells with cream of mushroom and 锅巴, a Chinese snack that resembles salty, tangy Chex.In the end, it was edible, as are most of my creations, but I was glad when I finally finished all the leftovers.


One of the great things about going home to Philadelphia is visiting the Reading Market. So many different cuisines, so many enticing items.

For instance, the pork and broccoli rabe sandwich from deNic's was featured on the Travel Channel several times. Back then, I watched those people on TV have foodgasms and I assumed the food was that good, so upon trying this sandwich, I was mildly disappointed. The pork was flavorful, but kind of dry (though I think Asians may just have fewer salivary glands, which is why I'm so sensitive to dry meat). The broccoli rabe and the cheese they used (forgot which) create a sharp and pungent taste, an adult version of a popular hoagie. Personally, I would have preferred a cheesesteak, but I brought some back to my little brother and he loved it.

I also got a banana crepe while randomly walking through the place. There's just something about the taste of crepes that makes it taste good on any occasion. The buttery and dense flavor makes up for the fact that it's so thin, and how could you go wrong with whipped cream. I only wish I had gotten one with nutella.

Speaking of which, there's a place in St. Louis called crepe etc. that makes this RIDICULOUSLY good nutella, strawberry, and freshly whipped cream crepe. I only wish I had taken a picture that the time. Or maybe I did, but the picture's buried somewhere in my computer. I shared the crepe with a friend but I was still stuffed by the end. Well, it didn't help that I had also ordered their richly decadent hot cocoa.


Avocado and cucumber roll. The tidiest of my sushi experiments. I have way more kitchen equipment than is necessary for the college experience.

bamboo mat
rice cooker
sushi rice
rice vinegar
sushi nori
a cutting surface


Bought a mango-flavored birthday cake from Whole Foods, then shared it with friends while watching "Seven Samurai". The mango flavor was really good, but the fondant layer was just too sweet. I don't quite remember how I managed to finish the cake, but it involved lots of tupperware and sweet breakfasts.