Monday, July 16, 2012


St. Louis Galleria has one of the better mall versions of chicken teriyaki with rice. But that's not why I posted this. Doesn't that piece kinda of look like Japan?

Unfortunately, my next meal wasn't nearly as tasty. I had bought this huge package of pickled radish to make sushi with, only to realize after several days that I didn't like pickled radish anymore. So what should I do? Make a salad! But I don't like salad. It's ok, this one doesn't have any lettuce in it!

So I present carrot and pickled radish salad with rice vinegar and sesame seeds. And yes, the carrots come in both rectangles and circles. Nowadays, I like the idea of thin carrot rounds. But that day, I was probably too busy watching the food channel while shoveling this stuff down my mouth, trying to pretend it didn't taste as...exotic as it did.

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